This Post is For You. :)

As of this writing, I have already spent a good chunk of my day in front of the computer, most of it spent on Facebook and other social media sites.

You know how it is.. You post a status message, “Like” some of your friends’ photos, giggle at some funny meme, maybe get into a little discussion with an acquaintance….

Before I knew it, 5 hours had passed.

So I shut down my laptop, took a moment with God and started writing what you now see below:

Fly in the Web

This is for you,

You who sits down in front of the computer

Staring blankly, waiting for something,

Hoping for someone to pop out on your screen.

You who writes down today’s events, chronologically

Updating constantly, posting pictures, videos, and thoughts  to share.

Just letting everyone know you’re there.

You who spends time, unfailingly, on social media

In the tiny, minute gaps between your 9 to 5, daily grind

You switch back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth

From pages and faces and facts and memes.

Waiting for ideas and new and glaring studies.

Waiting for inspiration.

Sometimes, you wait for validation.

So you fill  up your space and your time,

You fill up your heart and your mind

With things and thoughts and words and songs

From the world wide web.

Ever wonder why it’s called a WEB?

I ask you this.

When was the last time you looked out the window?

At the green of the leaves that rustle in the wind

At the clear blue skies and the birds that fly

At the sun and the moon

And the genuine smiles of people.

Of real people.

And not just of those posted on your wall?

When was the last time you heard something,

Or someone other than

the sound of your own keyboard tapping

or the insides of your headphones?

When was the last time you listened inside of you?

When was the last time you shut down

looked up,

closed your eyes

and asked?

When was the last time you waited for an answer?

His plans for you are better than your own.

His purpose takes you far beyond this.

He longs to use you for his kingdom’s glory.

His love is more captivating than a machine’s.

He is the Supreme Creator, the Grand Designer, the Great I Am.

He will take you to places you have never seen.

He wants nothing but the best for you.

But you have to ask Him in.

This challenge is for you.

Spend time with God.

No matter how busy your life is.

Even if it’s just as simple as closing your laptop,

looking up

and saying,

“Lord, what do you want me to do today?

Guide me. Show me your purpose, Lead me.

Reveal your glory through the work of my hands.

Enough of me, Father. More of you.

More of YOU.

In Jesus name, Amen.”

If you are doubtful, remember this simple truth I learned today.

You will accomplish far more in 5 minutes with God than 5 hours without Him. 😉

Be blessed.


About reformedrockstar

I'll tell you what I'm not. I'm not a radio DJ, a TV host, an events host, a tattoo artist nor a bad ass rock chick bass player. I am quite simply, a child of God. This blog is His story. :) View all posts by reformedrockstar

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