Jesus Invented the Face Palm

I was reading back through my entries and I am in disbelief over my disbelief.

I seriously want to reach out to the Karen (that’s my real name by the way) typing back then, take her by the shoulders and shake her from here to the Caramoan Islands. You have experienced Jesus? Really? God spoke to you in a dream? Are you sure? So why do you keep questioning? Why do you still doubt so much? If God was real to you, then why do you sound unconvinced?

Today’s reading (Matthew 16: 5-12) spoke of the very same thing.

Apparently, Jesus’ disciples were the same way. (Big sigh of relief here.)

Jesus was performing miracles day in and day out yet these men, His very own clique, still had bouts of uncertainty. Like me, they tried to reason amongst themselves, tried to provide man-made, therefore very limited answers…..And there was Jesus healing the sick, bringing the dead back to life, driving out demons, multiplying bread, walking on water, calming a raging storm…the list goes on, right before their very eyes!

And still….doubts.

 Can you imagine Jesus doing a face palm every time Peter or John or Matthew panicked over trivial things like not bringing enough bread?

“Oh, you of little faith….”

We can spend a good chunk of our lives questioning whether God is real and whether or not He has incredible plans for us or we can just step out in faith right now and to choose to believe it. It is not that easy. Men are creatures of doubt, I know. It took me a year and a half to put my hands up and surrender, to say, “Alright Jesus, I’m giving up. Have Your way with me completely!” A year and a half of doubts, worries, and an endless need for proof…despite the things that I’ve seen Him do! But you know what? Jesus never lost patience with me and believe me, that goes for you too.

He is there, quietly and gently waiting until you are ready to break free from the bondages of fear, the shackles of doubt, the grip of disbelief and other lies that have taken root of you in this physical, fallen world…it’s not that Jesus doesn’t want to help you. He does… more than anything in the world. That is His purpose, to serve as our bridge back to God, so that God may fulfill all His promises to us. The dreams that you have in your heart? God wants to give them to you. He longs to give you a life  of abundance, of blessings, of overflowing love. He is our Father after all.

But there is one tiny condition.

Are you ready?

Don’t worry, It’s not that hard.

Here goes….

To gain access to God’s abundant blessings, you have to ask Jesus to come into your life.

Yes, it’s that simple.

You must tell Him that you are tired of guessing, of exerting your own effort, of pretending to be smarter than our God. You are surrendering and from now on, you want Him to be in control.

Ask Him in and He will come and perform miracles for you. He will break you free from lies, from illnesses, from fear, from doubt, from discouragement, from insecurities, from pain, from incompetence, from feeling small and insignificant…He will turn water into wine for you, He will multiply bread for you, He will make you walk on water….He will save you.

He will do all these things for you because He loves you.

You want undeniable, scientific and historical proof for this? Open up any history book and read up on a man named Jesus who died for us on the cross 2000 years ago. There is no greater proof than that.

But you must take the first step and sincerely ask Him into your life. It’s not because Jesus is being proud or that He is unable to step in first. No. It’s because God loves us so much that He not only gave us His only Son to shepherd us back to Him but He also gave us a choice of whether we would like to follow Him or not.

I don’t know about you but I think that is awfully thoughtful of Him. God would never force anything on you. He is too fair for that.

And that is why I’m making use of that choice  and declaring that I’m going with Jesus.I want to become a full-time employee of God. I was a rather timid and tardy part-time employee then, but enough excuses. No more sitting on the sidelines watching the Kingdom of Heaven advance without me. No way! I want a piece of the action! I want to work for the wisest, the most generous, the most loving and the most awesome Boss of all.

Watch me punch in my timecard.


He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. – Matthew 8:26


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