dylan’s diary :)

I used to be famous. I had it all, I suppose. A radio show that allowed me to play as much rock music as I wanted, a TV show that flew me to Korea and Singapore to cover parties, the ability to host large crowds of tens and thousands of people, famous boyfriends, unlimited access to everything that was illegal and therefore, good.

I was skateboarding, dancing, tattooing, surfing, partying, drinking, smoking and posing on all these magazine covers. I was doing everything in search of that one thing that would make me happy. The more I searched, the more I did, the more I got, the more I drank, the higher I got, the more I sought, the further I got.

This blog serves to recount the years I spent in a foolish dance. Running, always running in the mad pursuit of happiness without ever stopping to consider what…or Who, I was running away from.

This blog serves to thank all the people I met in my journey, when I was a lost girl in her twenties, desperately trying to grab on to something meaningful. This blog serves to thank all the people who are destined to teach me more about life and what it really means to love.

Most of all, this blog serves to glorify God, without Whom I would still be on a headless chicken chase with my own shadows. To the One, the Alpha and the Omega, the Truth and the Light.

This is for you, my Savior, Jesus.

If you are reading this, welcome to the world of Dylan, once delusional and decidedly deranged. Once dancing with death, now just grateful to be alive.

You will read first hand chronicles of what it was like to be famous and wasted all the same time. About selling my self short and completely missing the point.

You will read about what it’s like now that I’m walking the journey with Christ. Hoping it will ignite some fire and maybe inspire.


About reformedrockstar

I'll tell you what I'm not. I'm not a radio DJ, a TV host, an events host, a tattoo artist nor a bad ass rock chick bass player. I am quite simply, a child of God. This blog is His story. :) View all posts by reformedrockstar

40 responses to “dylan’s diary :)

  • jehanmanansala

    cool!..tara karen lets walk and eat the halo halo in your NEIGHBORHOOD..hehehe

  • Yvette Co

    Hey Dylan, loved reading it…

  • Kuya Kevin

    Great testimony. I look forward to reading more.

  • jon joaquin

    such a blessing to read this. i watched you in jack tv before and i remember saying a little prayer for you. just the one time, but i guess God heard that 🙂

  • YouSuckAndYouKnowIt

    You still suck pretentious bitch. Stop using God as an excuse to tell people you used to be “famous.” If you’re so changed why don’t you use your real name. Dumbass.

  • Carlo

    this is very inspirational… good to hear that you have found the right way… trust me, it’s worth the realization of things and what comes along with it… apir!

  • Karen

    Famous? Rockstar? Were u either? This seems more like a shameless self promotion in jesus’ name. Glorifying your “glory days” than the god you claim to love. You’re still a pretentious hypocrite and quoting the bible in your status msgs doesn’t mean you’ve changed. It’s so gross.

  • Mavel

    I once saw you at a rock concert…I’m very happy to see this page, I’m blessed with your life! Continue sharing how on how God moved in your life.
    His grace is always enough!


    Love you, Karen! =) standing by you. you always rock! =)

  • katiekangaroo

    Those ‘haters’ putting you down in jesus’ name need to take a step back and reread their bibles. Just because your journey and your story telling does not suit their conservative tastes does not justify judging a sister in christ. Shame on you.

  • katiekangaroo

    As some specific disciples of Christ knew – it is the very fact of who you were BEFORE that would be your own personalized tool/weapon in allowing people to see the power of God. Growing up believing you are righteous because of regular sunday attendance at mass is MOST underwhelming and prone to insincerity and hypocrisy. Say I’m judging now? Why that last line was simply a reference to myself.

  • red

    Dear haters, Get lost. If you can’t appreciate this blog, then don’t read it. If you can’t accept the fact that there’s a woman once lost and now found the right path then don’t. No one needs you here. She’s not bragging her fame. She’s just showing us what she was before she realized that there is someone like God. And yes, her name’s not Dylan but don’t you get it. She’s using the name dylan for this blog coz we she was dylan, NU’s DJ; dylan, peep show’s host; dylan, rock concert’s host when she did this. People can change. If you can’t embrace this fact, the don’t. Just stop pulling people who embraces this change down.

  • bloodytom

    Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against thee falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven.

  • ryan

    i believe in you..God will make a way! 🙂

  • onfyr

    i just read these comments….haters are such dead weight…but still they’re fun to be around…..haha…Karen!! as your life changes…u’re changing others’ lives too……somehow this girl changed mine……..she’s God sent….I TESTIFY!! ✞

  • Mikee

    He’s a miracle worker. Good to hear that you’ve found the right path…
    Just a quick question , what’s the title of the introduction song from your show “peep show”?

  • Naomi (@potatoluvcheese)

    I have been Christian all my life but I’ve always lacked the passion. It’s true what they say that it’s usually those who hit rock bottom who make the fiercely reformed. I guess I envy you and your newfound passion.

    God bless you for sharing the good news. Yes, persecution will be a part of it but now, you know He is beside you all the way. I think you’re much much cooler now too 🙂

    • reformedrockstar

      And i dearly enjoy hanging out with those who have been Christians from birth. They are filled with a sense of assurance and calm that I learn so much from. Thank you for your kind comments, Naomi! 🙂

  • Naomi (@potatoluvcheese)

    And may I just add that you write beautifully. 😉

  • jackthejungleboy

    With every appearance by you, blinding my eyes,
    I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do.
    You’re an angel disguised.

    And you’re lying real still,
    but your heart beat is fast just like mine.
    And the movie’s long over,
    that’s three that have passed, one more’s fine.

    Will you stay awake for me?
    I don’t wanna miss anything
    I don’t wanna miss anything
    I will share the air I breathe,
    I’ll give you my heart on a string,
    I just don’t wanna miss anything.

    I’m trying real hard not to shake. I’m biting my tongue,
    but I’m feeling alive and with every breathe that I take,
    I feel like I’ve won. You’re my key to survival.

    And if it’s a hero you want,
    I can save you. Just stay here.
    Your whispers are priceless.
    Your breathe, it is dear. So please stay near.

    Will you stay awake for me?
    I don’t wanna miss anything
    I don’t wanna miss anything
    I will share the air I breathe,
    I’ll give you my heart on a string,
    I just don’t wanna miss anything.

    Say my name. I just want to hear you.
    Say my name. So I know it’s true.
    You’re changing me. You’re changing me.
    You showed me how to live.
    So just say. So just say,

    That you’ll stay awake for me.
    I don’t wanna miss anything.
    I don’t wanna miss anything.
    I will share the air I breathe,
    I’ll give you my heart on a string,
    I just don’t wanna miss anything

  • Ria

    Hey Karen,

    I found your blog through a link you posted on FB today. It was only today that I found out that you became a Christian and I’m really happy for you. This may be surprising, but I was actually raised in a born again Christian family since birth. My dad is an evangelist and preaches in our church from time to time. Despite this, people often get surprised when I tell them I am a Christian.. probably because it never showed enough. And well, even after years of Sunday school and youth ministry (and the demonyo years of college freedom), I only started having a real relationship with God at age 21.

    Reading your blog entries, you’ve inspired me to be more open about my faith and being less ashamed of it. I can totally relate to having a turbulent past (passing out on sidewalks, being drunk/high on most days of the week, etc.). It’s really nice knowing that you’ve given your life to Jesus. Lord knows how tough it is lalo na sa music scene.

    Your blog is a great read. Keep going at it! 🙂

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